Song Appears On

Evolve From Chaos

Release Date: Friday, May 20, 2016

Evolve From Chaos


Lyrics By

Kenny Carlile

Music By

Kenny Carlile

Mixed By

Steve Poole Kenny Carlile

Mastered By

Steve Poole Kenny Carlile

Performances By

Vocals: Steve Poole
Drums: Kenny Carlile
Bass: Kenny Carlile
Synthesizers: Kenny Carlile
Electric Guitars: Kenny Carlile


Verse 1

Watch the storm as the tide will roll in
Thunder crash on the shores we seek tonight
Bits tapped and I can’t believe their lies

Another month and we’ll all be snowed in
Green world just a portrait on the wall
No season’s shorter than the fall


Can’t keep these secrets in my mind
Just take this key and I’ll be fine
This prism breaks apart the light
Illuminate the night

I want you, I need you
Safe from the harm we do
I want you, I need you
Just enjoy the view

Verse 2

There’s a gap in the air tonight
Thoughts locked in a crypt to keep them safe
Can’t trust a guard who won’t behave

Another battle we have to fight
Own the right to privacy and more
Mark the X and key the score