Blue Jay

Song Appears On

Evolve From Chaos

Release Date: Friday, May 20, 2016

Evolve From Chaos


Lyrics By

Kenny Carlile

Music By

Kenny Carlile

Mixed By

Steve Poole Kenny Carlile

Mastered By

Steve Poole Kenny Carlile

Performances By

Vocals: Steve Poole
Drums: Kenny Carlile
Bass: Kenny Carlile
Synthesizer: Kenny Carlile
Electric Guitars: Kenny Carlile


Verse 1

Glass scattered across the road
Light cuts through the trees above
From across these yellow lines
This time will never be enough

Just don’t answer the call
This defining moment in life
It’s too late to wake up now
Descending ice in the sky


It’s coming down
I’m wearing down
To the end of what I’ve been
And what I’ve just become


I’m holding on
For so, so long
I’ll see the blue jay
On my way
Into the very end

Verse 2

Twisted, torn in the shape of collapse
Broken more than ever before
Rush to save what little remains
Futile efforts to restore

Symbols reach out for once more
Give the hopeless hands to hold
In the comfort of ethereal arms
Lost in the shaded cold