Evolve From Chaos

Entronomy - Evolve From Chaos
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Evolve From Chaos is the debut album from Entronomy! Writing and production started in September of 2015 when Steven and Kenny started taking their Wednesday night jam sessions a little more seriously. The album contains an eclectic mix of songs drawn from the varied musical backgrounds each musician brings to the band. Packed full of depth and emotion, these songs are not the bubble gum you find on the radio today. From pop rock to country, alternative to jazz/blues, with a little bit of folk and hard rock thrown in, Evolve From Chaos has something that everyone can enjoy.

2. Another Day Like This

3. Brittle Frame

4. Like You Say

5. Most Dangerous Place

6. Runnin’ Around In My Dreams

8. Touch Of Your Lips (Impossible Girl)

9. Always Me

10. Space And Time

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